Our Mission

HandsOn Central Ohio - Our Mission

To align community resources and generate insights that strengthen Central Ohio

HandsOn Central Ohio is Greater Columbus’ essential partner for creating and sustaining valuable relationships between residents, service organizations, volunteers, and leaders working together to build neighborhoods of opportunity. We do this from the heart of downtown Columbus, Ohio—America’s “Opportunity City.” Delivering the promise of opportunity for every Central Ohioan is what HandsOn is all about. We pursue our mission guided by the values we share with our community partners.

Ensure that the voice of residents are heard. We’re committed to keeping the integrity and culture of neighborhoods while providing them with the support and help that matches their specific community needs.

Create and maintain strong and healthy neighborhoods. The economic and medical health of families and community members and their residents is the keystone of maintaining and developing neighborhoods in the long term.

Collaborate. We take cues from the community, to collaborate, to work alongside volunteers, neighborhood leaders, and create solutions that make sense for everyone involved.

Make smart investments. We apply donations and funding towards projects that build and improve systems and create value for communities, with long-term impact. Sustainability is one of the keys to success in the long term.

Champion high quality services, preserve the dignity of our partners, and focus on social impact. Strengthening and empowering the community starts with efficacy and commitment to providing services that speak to core issues within the community.

Leverage data and technology. This both guides our decision making, drives breakthrough social innovations and enables us to hold ourselves accountable for the trust our community has placed in us. An Intelligent Community and a #SMARTCOLUMBUS demands the smartest and most effective route to lasting social change.

Be adaptive and continuously improve. Our mission is to improve the way we lead and the way we deliver services in order to improve the lives of people and strengthen neighborhoods across Central Ohio.

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