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Breaking the cycle of low-paying, part-time jobs in Ohio

A good job can be life-changing. It can be the difference between living above or below the poverty line. Unfortunately, more than 29 percent of Ohio families headed by someone without a full-time job live in poverty. Thousands of Ohioans are trapped in a cycle of part-time jobs that don’t pay a living wage. So,  how do you help someone break the cycle and move from low-paying, part-time jobs to jobs with higher wages, more benefits and more job security? Which fields pay more? How do you develop additional skills? Should you go back to school? Where can you turn for help?

At HandsOn, we encounter these questions every day. That’s why we partner with workforce development organizations who are committed to counseling, educating and training individuals to seek employment opportunities that can create a higher standard of living. To raise awareness for these available services, we’re highlighting job opportunities and resources on our social media throughout the month of May.

We even just celebrated In-Demand Jobs Week in Ohio! The good news is that the majority of in-demand jobs in Ohio are high-paying and full-time. In fact, 65 percent of Ohio’s in-demand jobs pay more than $50,000 in a year.


Top 10 In-Demand Jobs

  1. Registered nurses

  2. Nursing assistants

  3. Office clerks

  4. Customer service representatives

  5. Licensed practical and vocational nurses

  6. General and operations managers

  7. Truck drivers, heavy & tractor-trailer

  8. Team assemblers

  9. Accountants

  10. Auditors

There’s also a huge demand for talented workers in fields such as engineering, graphic design and physical therapy. At HandsOn, we specialize in bridging the gap between cyclical part-time employment and reliable, well-paying jobs. If you have questions about the programs or resources that might be available for you or someone you know, just dial 2-1-1. Our talented team of information referral specialists will help get you on the path to sustainable wages and a promising future.

I’m excited to lead HandsOn through this era of transition so that, together, we can make this community a better place to live. Let’s get to work, Ohio!



Tiffany T. Wright

Interim President & CEO

HandsOn Central Ohio

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