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HandsOn Central Ohio - The Link Line & DASH Mentorship

We're excited to announce two new partnerships!

Data is essential to improving our community’s overall health. We believe the success of partnerships to support our community health improvement plan depend on quality data about populations, as well as sharing data across sectors to gain reliable insights. That’s why HandsOn Central Ohio is excited to announce two data-driven, social health partnerships in 2019: the Link Line with OhioHealth and the DASH (Data Across Sectors for Health) Mentoring Program with Franklin County Public Health.  Both initiatives advance our community’s vision for a 2-1-1-powered Community Information Exchange to addresses social determinants of health in Central Ohio.


The Link Line

The Link Line is an enhanced approach to person-centered health navigation for OhioHealth’s 30,000  associates and members of their families. Leveraging our statewide network of 2-1-1 service partners, community based service providers and clinical sites, HandsOn’s Link Line provides a social health concierge service, 24 hours a day. As a confidential service, Link Line removes the fear and stigma of asking for help, while providing convenient access to social service and clinical treatment resources in 47 counties.


We’ve joined forces with Franklin County Public Health to share data across sectors. That’s because the health of our community is determined by a multitude of social factors like food security, safe and affordable housing, transportation, quality education and more. Until recently, providers serving different sectors didn’t share the types of information that activated a targeted, data-driven approach to measurably improving health outcomes in Central Ohio. Our partnership is clear evidence that it can be done.

DASH has paired us with our sister organization, 2-1-1 San Diego. Together, we are sharing lessons from across our 2-1-1 network and learning how San Diego’s Community Information Exchange has produced amazing results for their community. With the help of our local partnership with Franklin County Public Health and national experts from DASH, we have the community support and experience required to make our data-sharing efforts a success.




Ernest Perry
President & CEO
HandsOn Central Ohio
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