Disaster Preparedness

Get Ready. Prepare. Volunteer

Franklin County Citizen Corps needs your help to be prepared in the critical hours after a disaster. In Franklin County, a vast network of organizations exists to help citizens prepare for and respond to natural and man-made disasters, including threats of terrorism.

Disasters can strike at any moment and can affect even the basic workings of our community. In these moments, everyone has a role to play. Adults of all ages, skills and abilities are welcome. By planning ahead and working together, we can deal swiftly with the impacts of a disaster.

Take Action. Join one of these volunteer groups today or get trained to make a difference in an emergency.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The Community Emergency Response Team prepares you to help yourself, your family and your neighbors in the event of a disaster. Professional responders may not be able to reach everyone right away. CERT training provides you with the skills to help emergency responders save lives and protect property. Training takes about 20 hours to complete and provides critical skills in emergency preparedness and response.

Fire Corps (FC)

By volunteering with Fire Corps, citizens can perform non-emergency tasks, freeing up first responders to focus on emergency response. Fire Corps also connects fire/EMS departments and the community, providing a vehicle for citizens to learn which departments in their area need help and offer resources to overburdened departments.

Franklin County and Columbus Medical Reserve Corps

The Franklin County and Columbus Medical Reserve Corps coordinates health care professionals and other medically trained citizens to respond to disasters. If you are a physician, nurse, physician's assistant, nurse practitioner, pharmacist, pharmacy intern, dentist, LPN, EMT, mental health professional, social worker, veterinarian, student or retired health care professional, register for the Ohio Medical Reserve Corps to become an identified resource in an emergency.

Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP)

The Neighborhood Watch Program trains and supports neighbors in resident-led community crime prevention activities. NWP has grown from an "extra eyes and ears" approach to crime prevention to a community-oriented program that brings together local officials, law enforcement and citizens for community protection.

Volunteer Reception Center (VRC)

During disasters people want to help. Volunteer Reception Centers establish a central processing point for placing spontaneous volunteers during a disaster. VRCs need volunteers to greet, interview, register, train and maintain the records of spontaneous volunteers.

Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS)

Through the Volunteers in Police Service program, citizens can help supplement and support officers and civilian personnel by allowing them to concentrate on their primary duties. Volunteer roles can include clerical tasks, serving as an extra set of eyes and ears, assisting with search and rescue activities, and writing citations for parking violations.

Siren Watch Program

Siren Watch partners are needed to monitor 172 sirens located throughout Franklin County as part of the Franklin County Outdoor Warning System. This system is activated by local officials to warn people of severe weather conditions. Sirens are tested every Wednesday at noon. Volunteers monitor a siren at least once a month within one mile of their home or work place and must be able to both hear the siren and see it rotating. Volunteers report by phone if the siren did not function properly.