Boardlink Candidates

All nonprofits have a governing board of directors made up of community volunteers who believe in the mission. Serving on a nonprofit board is a serious responsibility of setting and advancing the mission of the organization. As a board member you are expected to think strategically and make decisions that impact the future of the nonprofit.

Compiling your own line profile is an important component of connecting with a nonprofit. This information becomes part of the HandsOn Central Ohio’s Boardlink searchable database. Only 501(c) (3) organizations registered with Boardlink will have access to your profile. Nonprofits will assess your interest and commitment by the information you provide on your profile. If a nonprofit is interested they will contact you directly to discuss the board opportunity.

You can complete your profile at your own pace; make changes or updates at any point in the future. You are responsible for keeping your profile up-to-date.

There are five sections to complete:

  1. Employer, experience, expertise, & skill set
  2. Nonprofit experience & areas of interests
  3. Board training information
  4. Demographic information
  5. Personal information

To create your user ID and password click on candidate login. Only you will have access to your ID and password.